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CON Applications

Applying for the right to own and operate an Article 28 D&TC starts with submitting a Certificate of Need, otherwise known as a CON. Although a lengthy process, our professional team of healthcare consultants are there from the beginning taking care of all aspects of the application, seeing it through until an approval is received.

DOH Licensing

Once a CON application gets approved, a process to get your Center licensed by the DOH starts. Our regulatory experts take care of all aspects of this process ensuring your Center is ready for DOH survey. Once your Center is certified, we continue to ensure that you remain in compliance with DOH regulation and that you continue to pass its surveys with flying colors.

Regulatory Experts

Questions regarding regulations, requirements, or best practices? We are here to answer your questions so you can feel comfortable you are doing the right thing. We will assist you in developing and establishing protocol your staff can follow to ensure continued compliance in all areas.

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We are your partners in ensuring your Center obtains and maintains its necessary licenses and certifications to continue to function as a DOH Article 28 Health Center.

Our healthcare consulting firm services private and not-for-profit entities. We look forward adding you to our list of satisfied clients who rely on us for all their licensing and compliance needs.

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